SOCO 2010 Conference

SOCO 2010

Ensemble Learning and Information Fusion for Industrial Applications.


The major topics of interest for this special session include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Ensemble methodology, strategies and techniques
  • Homogeneous and heterogeneous ensembles
  • Methods for buidling ensembles, e.g. Boosting, Random Forest, etc.Network Security
  • Ensemble for classification, prediction, clustering, feature selection
  • Diversity definition and measurement
  • Strategies and techniques for generating diverse models
  • Relationships between diversity and ensemble's accuracy
  • Decision fusion strategies
  • Evaluation of ensemble performance and comparisons with other approaches
  • Ensemble software development

All of them in relation to applications in industry.


  • 18th February, 2010: Submission of papers by authors.
  • 8th March, 2010: Notification of provisional acceptance.
  • 29th March, 2010: Submission of final source files.
  • 29th March, 2010: Author registration.
  • 16th -18th June, 2010: SOCO 2010 Conference.



Michal Wozniak
Chair of Systems and Computer Networks
Faculty of Electronics
Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland
URL: Michal Wozniak Personal Page

Robert Burduk
Wroclaw University of Technology (Poland)

Konrad Jackowski
Wroclaw University of Technology (Poland)

Bruno Baruque
Department of Civil Engineering.
Computer Languages and Systems Area.
Universidad de Burgos, Spain

Emilio Corchado
Bisite Group
University of Salamanca, Spain

Program Committee (Tentative)

  • Álvaro Alonso – University of Burgos (Spain)
  • Ángel Arroyo - University of Burgos (Spain)
  • Pedro Burgos – University of Burgos (Spain)
  • Leticial Curiel - University of Burgos (Spain)
  • David Martín - Universidad de Burgos (Spain)
  • Álvaro Herrero - University of Burgos (Spain)
  • Juan Carlos Pérez - University of Burgos (Spain)
  • Santiago Porras - University of Burgos (Spain)
  • Raquel Redondo - University of Burgos (Spain)
  • Javier Sedano - University of Burgos (Spain)
  • Belén Vaquerizo - University of Burgos (Spain)

Contact Information

Bruno Baruque Zanón

Escuela Politécnica Superior - Campus Vena (Edif.C) - Despacho C16

C/ Francisco de Vitoria, s/n. 09006 Burgos, SPAIN

Tel: (+34) 947 25 9513 - Fax: (+34) 947 25 9000


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