Welcome reception

All participants of Conferences will depart from the venue entrance at 18:30 to the Salamanca Council.

A welcome reception will take place in the Salamanca Council, where we will be received by the major of Salamanca at 19:00.

Salamanca guided tour

After the welcome reception, there will be a guided tour of Salamanca historic buildings at 19:45.

Tourist information



Social events and Gala Dinner

Bus will depart from venue entrance at 16:00 to Ciudad Rodrigo, where we will be received by the major of Ciudad Rodrigo and there will be a guided visit to Ciudad Rodrigo.

Finally we will go to Hotel Conde Rodrigo II, where will take place a bullfighting show (No pain or blood involved for the brave animals), and the gala dinner.

Guided visit to Ciudad Rodrigo

Ciudad Rodrigo is situated on the right bank of the Águeda river, about 89 km south-west of Salamanca and 25 km away from the Portuguese border.

Ciudad Rodrigo was originally a Celtic village under the name of Mirobriga. The town was later taken by the Romans during the conquest of Lusitania and named Augustobriga.

In the 12th century, the site was repopulated by King Ferdinand II of León, walling it and re-establishing the old Visigothic diocese of Calabria into the new bishopric as suffragan of the Diocese of Santiago de Compostela; it comprised a big part of the province of Salamanca, and a portion of the province of Cáceres, an act confirmed by Pope Alexander III in 1175. This led to the construction of the city’s cathedral, an architectural hybrid of the Gothic and late Romanesque styles. King Alfonso VIII gave the city of Caliabria to the Diocese of Ciudad Rodrigo in 1191. The first bishop of whom anything certain is known was called Pedro (1165) and one of the most celebrated was the learned jurist Don Diego de Covarruvias y Leyva (1560).

Bullfighting show

Visit to a touristic complex to enjoy a Friendly bullfighting show (No pain or blood involved for the brave animals)

Include: bullfighting show + food + drinks

You are invited to show your bullfighting skills!!

Gala Dinner

Gala dinner will take place at Hotel Conde Rodrigo II, located in a privileged setting only 1.5 km from the Ciudad Rodrigo City Centre, with spectacular gardens (30,000 square metres).

Hotel Conde Rodrigo II Web: